ProGuard-BPI Sanitization Uses 2 Powerful Kill Mechanisms

ProGuard-BPI is a photo-catalytic process (PCO), which uses a target plate with proprietary coatings. The PCO Technology creates hydroxyls, and advanced oxidation which, are very effective at killing pathogens. The BPI technology signi�icantly increases Ion production, while creating Ions which are very stable with longer dwell times. This results in a technology that is very effective at killing microbial and pathogens of all types in High Pathogen Load environments.

ProGuard-BPI Sends Kill Agents Direct to Pathogens in the Room

ProGuard-BPI effectively sanitizes both air and surfaces in cultivation environments faster and more thoroughly by using Active Sanitization distribution. It distributes the sanitizing solution into the environment killing pathogens at their point of origin, on pots, on benches, on plants, both in the air and on surfaces.


Use ProGuard-BPI Throughout Your Grow Facility to Produce Quality “Clean” Products

Using ProGuard-BPI Sanitization in grow rooms, drying and cure rooms, trim and packaging rooms, helps prevent Powdery Mildew and Botrytis from taking hold. This helps control Bud Rot, which is a one of the primary contributors – creating “clean” �inished product. The ProGuard-BPI cost is very affordable, easy to implement and will provide a short ROI for your valuable crops