Power Si Products are produced using the superior methods of silicic acid stabilization (patented matrix).  

Power Si is pure, concentrated, and fast-acting, making it very cost effective.
The application rate of .5ml per gallon makes the cost per mixed gallon very reasonable.  Bioactive silicon is easily absorbed by the plants.  Many new products claim silicic acid since it is a trending technology.  Not all silicic acid products are the same.  It is all about the quality of the ingredients.   
  • Power SI Bloom Power SI Bloom

    Power SI Bloom

    PowerSI Bloom is a specialized flowering additive with silicic acid and a proprietary blend plant extracts. Our fermentation process creates an entourage effect of natural plant antioxidants, phyto enzymes, L-amino acids, and low molecular weight humic...

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  • Power SI Granular Power SI Granular

    Power SI Granular

    Power Si Granular is the only, first of its kind slow release granular formula containing stabilized silica, and other proprietary ingredients. This combination plays a key role in releasing locked up nutrients from the soil. Power Si Granular provides...

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  • Power Si Original Power Si Original

    Power Si Original

    PowerSI Original is our cornerstone formula.  PowerSI Original is used during cloning and vegetative growth.  Silica in the form of silicic acid is highly bioavailable.  Silicon has been shown to improve plant tolerance to abiotic stresses...

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