If you need a humidifier to increase moisture in your grow room or grow tent, you have come to the right place. Whether you need a grow room humidifier or a grow tent humidifier, we have a wide selection of to keep your grow room environment dialed in, and help you grow the biggest, best plants possible.

Humidity is one of the most important environmental controls in your grow room or grow tent. Without enough humidity, plants will suffer. Before setting up a humidifier, it is important to know what the humidity in your grow room is, using a hygrometer.

Buying a humidifier for your marijuana may not be as simple as you may think. You need to consider several factors before spending your money on the wrong appliance, below are some of the things to take into consideration:

Room Size

This is the first consideration to make because if you have a small grow room, you will not need to go for large appliances that hold many gallons of water. Luckily, there are humidifiers for all types and sizes of rooms. Buy one that is appropriate for the size to in order to get maximum results from your plants.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Getting a humidifier that is hard to clean and maintain is frustrating. A clean unit also ensures that the moisture going out of the unit is both safe and clean. Not cleaning well will harm your crops because the mist emission and moisture in the room will be unclean. A dirty appliance may also cost you more for maintenance because chances are it will break down more often than not.

Where should a humidifier be placed in a room?

Making sure you place your humidifier in the grow room is important. You want to set it up to give your grow the best chance for success, which means placing it near your fans to help circulate the humidity around the growing space.

Wrapping it up

By now, you must be aware and convinced that a humidifier or dehumidifier is essential for the growth of your marijuana plants. You need to put it into consideration when you doing your grow room set up irrespective of the grow room size. Invest in the right humidifier that you are sure is capable of drawing out any excess moisture in the air and keeping the set moisture balance in place. This will not only ensure that you get healthy looking plants but it will keep the mold and mildew away from your marijuana. For you to harvest high quality cannabis, it needs to be free from all kinds of diseases. A good humidifier will ensure that your crop is free from that.